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Why Audiobooks?

If someone asked me about two or three years ago,” what is the best form of consuming literature?”, I wouldn’t have hesitated to tell them it was reading books. Books have been a staple of any culture for hundreds  of years and and still remain incredibly popular even today. But there’s just one problem, books are in the decline. It is happening very slowly but surely, and the world dipping further into the depths of technology is mostly to blame.

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Design Your Home Studio w/ Silent Media

Planning and building a home studio is quite a big task, no? It must take months of research and preparation, right…? Majority of novice artists/musicians seem to think so, often they see it as a gargantuan task. However, initially getting started is a lot simpler than most might imagine. After all, there are only a handful of basic necessities required to start building a robust home studio.

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