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Limerick and Rhyme – Chapter II: He-Man, Masters of the Universe

‘By the Power of Grayskull! I! Have! The Power!’

There once was a time when this exclamation of self-assurance could be heard ringing from every boy and girl’s bedroom. He-Man and the Master’s of The Universe was, at a point in time, the most popular animated children’s show aired on TV. Originally dubbed ‘Masters of the Universe (MOTU)’, the line of toys – created by Mattel – informed the direction of the animated TV series.

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Digital Media vs Television Advertising

Why the transition to digital advertising? What’s so bad about TV ad buying? Which platform serves the purpose better?

In the United Kingdom television advertising spend had increased from £3,424 million in 2010 to £4,407m in 2016 – this is comparable to pure-play digital display in which, according to Statista, spending on digital display ads increased from £1,105 to £3,178 in 2016 – this is an example of how significant digital advertising has now become.

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