How to cook a jingle by Silent Media

What is the formula of Coca Cola? This and other answers are one of the best kept secrets of humanity together with the formula of eternal youth and travel in time, is not so easily revealed.

Do not worry, in Silent Media we like to talk about what we do. The recipe is simple to cook a jingle you will need these ingredients:

  1. Three-quarters of a pound of memory.
  2. Two vessels and half of repetition.
  3. A good pinch of brand identity.
  4. Four spoonfuls of melody.
  5. A good dose of rhythm.

Put all ingredients into a suitable container. Stir well until emulsified. If it is not a great tune, give it another twist.

There you have it. Our recipe to make a successful jingle completely exposed. We owe our audience, we are so transparent.

Jokes apart,  today we will not give the recipe of our secret as jingles composers, but we will reflect a little on what is the fundamental to compose them.

Our recipe contains five ingredients that we will analyze one by one:

Memory: Every brand wants to be remembered and the main reason jingles work is because the songs help to fix the ad in the memory and thus the implicit brand identity.

Repetition: Advertising is based on it. Repeat one brand, one ad, repeat purchase. The value of jingles is this, being catchy songs the viewer creates his own mental repetition.

Brand Identity: You can use your brand in the jingle or not, although some brands have gone further and have created their own audio logo that acts as reinforcement and umbrella of the advertisement has or not associated a jingle. An example of this may be the mythical “Bi-bi-bizak”.

Melody: A melody with few notes and easy to recognize is more efficient and memorable than a complex melody. Every day a different market study pop in which they create new advertising strategies. More innovative, more surprising, more technological. All of them coexist with traditional advertising and complement it.  Jingles do not need to be justified; Or if I say “I’m loving it” Would not you know what brand I mean? Would you hum it to me?

Rhythm: Without this ingredient we would do nothing. On it depends the intensity of the other 4. The rhythm is a repetition of sounds that combined in the proper way gives rise to what we call a super hit.  If a jingle makes you move your foot to the beat of the music or humming the melody you’re on the right track!

We have not discovered anything, jingles have been existing for centuries, although probably its great success began in 1926 with the slogan “Have You Try Wheaties?” and its magnificent radio jingle.

In Spain to go to the popular imagination and to the toy industry as well, we must travel  to 1970 when Luis Figuerola-Ferretti created one of the most remembered jingle of our country. A success that in addition to functioning as a brand image became a popular Christmas carol for generations to come. There is no greater publicity claim that your brand passes to the history of the carols.

What toy brand would not want to be remembered every Christmas?

In short, a good jingle should be simple, direct and fun. With all this information and some brushstrokes of history perhaps you can try it at home, but you are recommended to contact a professional studio like us;)