Jingle Bells: Christmas Songs.

The best thing about Christmas is Christmas music. No, not really.

Every year the stores put on the same CD  with those angelic voices that hit notes with exactly the same frequency as Satan himself. All when your brain is blocked and longs for peace, tranquility and above all silence.

Maybe Christmas carols induce us to buy compulsively, who knows. Joking aside, we could not miss the opportunity to dedicate a post to Christmas songs, couldn’t we?

For better or worse Christmas’ songs never-never-never goes unnoticed.

Have you finished your Christmas’shopping? You can always give your father that Raphael carol compilation!

In a time of great consumption as it is this is many who take advantage to take out a song “Special Christmas”. The Beatles themselves did it by editing a Christmas song  from 1963 to 1969. Example of it is “Christmas Time Is Here Again”, although of course, the Beatles are the best and we forgive them everything.

One of the queens of Christmas is Mariah Carey. The exuberant diva got one of the biggest selling hits with her “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and no one has been able to beat her hit.

Returning to advertising, which is ours, there are also singers who use this time of the year to collaborate in the holiday campaign of a brand. This is the case of Katy Perry who last year was the image, and voice, of H & M’s Christmas ad in which she represented a naughty and casual “Tinkerbell.” Duke Dumont is the producer of this jingle of gospel inspiration.

They are not all commercial purposes. In 1971 the couple formed by Yoko Ono and John Lennon wrote the song “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)” to celebrate the end of the Vietnam War. But of course, Lennon is Beatles and plays in a different league.

A classic contemporary and one who uses to appear in Christmas time is Michael Bublé. In this case he shares credits with Idina Menzel. You may not hear her name, but you’ll know her voice because she’s the popular “Elsa” by Frozen. Two velvety voices for a Christmas tale style 20s. The music video for this version of “Baby Is Cold Outside” deserves your time.

If we have to choose our classic carol I think Silent Media would stick with Bobby Helms and his “Jingle Bell Rock”. Because it has all the fundamental elements to appeal to Christmas: it is classic, familiar and also has rhythm. He visits us every December since Macaulay Culkin stayed Home Alone for the second time back in 1992. And if you do not remember, do not worry, this Christmas you will surely have the opportunity to check it out.
We could not finish this review for Christmas success without diving on YouTube and of course!, gives us such geniuses as this video-carol for haters. Dedicated to those people who criticize you, undermine your morals or simply hate you irrationally. A lot of irony, indifference and positive energy, because yes, Christmas is to charge batteries and enjoy.

The Silent Media team sends you our best wishes! Next Christmas we will compose a jingle for Christmas that will make Mariah cry. You will see.