The Jingle: The essential one of advertising.

How many jingles do you know?

Could you list a number of brands just humming the tune of its ad?

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with a song ringing in my head. I can not stop listening to it and in the most unexpected moments I find myself humming it unconsciously. It is not Georgie Dann with her overwhelming and infallible summer songs, nor is my Masiel’s favorite. Then what? It is the song of that ad: a jingle.

Music is like a Trojan in our brain: there is no way to evade it. It is hosted and reappears as if it were recorded in our MP3 playlist. Images can be forgotten more easily because we are so exposed to them that we have our own defense mechanisms. Nevertheless a jingle works in a different way, it is not only helps us to remember the brand, but also helps us to enjoy it: we like brands through their music.

It happens to us all, nobody is immune to a catchy tune and the advertisers know it well. The numbers prove it, my friends. There are several studies that determine that brands associated with songs are most remembered. A jingle is a short song that is characterized by its easy recall, but it is not only that; If it is a good one, the song and its brand will be in the the collective imagination of several generations.

This technique is known as audio branding and consists of making the consumer remember a brand through a melody. Sometimes, the jingle itself includes the slogan or brand name, making the consumer remember exactly the message they want to convey.

Brands are nothing more than emotions associated with products. An ad, however powerful it may be visually, is not complete if it simply presents images, we need music to give them meaning. Take the test if you want, put an announcement, the Christmas lottery with its enormous emotional load, and press the “mute” button. Does it not give you goosebumps this time? Wow, that’s weird.

But today advertising goes a step further, it is not enough with the memory, we want commitment. Now here comes a new concept: Engagement Marketing. It is a set of tactics aimed at creating strong links with consumers. It is said that the consumer is committed to the brand if its decision to buy is moved by reasons that go beyond reason; There is a feeling of belonging.

And how do you get that engagement through a jingle? I’m sorry, but I can not tell you that today. I need to keep some secrets for the next posts. And now I ask you a question for reflection: Is there something that music can not get?