Our Spielwarenmesse 2017 top ten

Just a month ago we were on the cobbled streets of Nuremberg in search of new musical adventures.

We closed the snack bar for a few days and traveled 2400 km to find out what is cooking at the largest toy industry fair in the world.

  1. You will walk miles and kilometers inside the fair; 117.000m2, 12 different pavilions with several plants in some cases, 2,850 exhibitors with representation from more than 60 countries and 1,000,000 products give to make a good daily marathon. And do not believe that we exaggerate, most of the attendees are counting the kilometers that run with mobile applications in the days of the fair. And it is that the Spielwarenmesse is huge and exhausting.
  1. All manufacturers are there, so the whole industry is there. The fair presumes to have representation of companies that are not available in other forums or fairs, so it is a unique opportunity to have access to them.
  1. A center of dialogue and innovation. The latest trends in the sector will be reflected in each stand of the Toy Trend Gallery. In addition, conferences on design, marketing and trends are available for all participants. So there is a free space for learning and the exchange of ideas. Of course, these are very compact monographic talks, not for a specialization, but for a first approach.
  1. Undoubtedly it is the place for business. Everyone is open to dialogue and new approaches. And there is always room to hear a new proposal as far fetched as it may seem.
  1. It is clear why children can not enter: They would become absolutely crazy. It is a room of 170.000m2 full of brand new toys. It is the childlike fantasy par excellence: Thousands of toys within your reach to try them out.
  1. The adults have to contain our desire to get to play with everything and we must observe with dissimulation and interest the technical characteristics of the products beyond the purely playful enjoyment. It’s hard. There are times that some gentlemen in the jacket disheveled and can be seen mounted on remote control cars traveling the halls of the pavilion. And I think that for images like these, it is already worth having traveled half Europe to see it.
  1. Networking:  the contacts that are made in an event like this are very valuable. Probably some of them will be more  strategic than others, but everyone can bring something good and new.
  1. Usually we are very comfortable between the four walls of our office (cos here we are great!), but once a year it is very advisable to shake the dust off the shoulders, to give us our best smile and go out and ask to the world what it is boiling in the toy industry. And that’s basically what we did in Nuremberg.
  1. The German gastronomy may not be the most notable for its variety, but during the week of the fair we enjoyed as children eating pretzels, rostbratwurst, artisan beers, cabbage salads and cakes. Wherever we went we were intoxicate with a delicious aroma of chocolate or sausage, which we definitely did not resist.
  1. The best thing about the festival was to be in contact with our customers, to exchange ideas with them, to receive new proposals and to see our jingles playing on the screens of some stands. The result of our work is always the best reward.