Green Toys Inc. – A Sustainable Toy Story

Picture it… A planet cleansed of global pollution: a wholesome ozone layer, free of holes; rivers and oceans liberated of all plastic waste; and maybe even plastic toys that recycle themselves!

Save the Planet!

Unfortunately, we have a long way to go before we save the planet. However, thanks to a collective of conscious companies worldwide, there are sustainable toys which (technically) recycle themselves!

Due to growing concerns over plastic waste and the use of PVC in toys (for more see a recent article, here) several major, and minor, toy manufacturers have begun to consider manufacturing toys from recycled waste. As opposed to using PVC, metal and other non-sustainable materials, firms have started to produce toys constructed from recyclable material. One such company is Green Toys Inc.

Presently, toy manufacturers have begun to seriously consider sustainability in their products: for the future of our children and their children’s children.

The Green Team!

Green Toys Inc. is a collective dedicated to making plans of saving the planet – from the terror of the PVC apocalypse – a reality. Co-founded in 2007 by Laurie Hyman marketing expert and diligent mother, and Robert von Goeben veteran entrepreneur and writer; in under a decade Green Toys has matured exponentially and become a global brand, that is now a beloved company of the toy manufacturing industry.

About Green Toys Inc.

All Green Toys’ products are built from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs – these cartons are FDA approved, food-safe material. Using this material saves a significant amount of energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions considerably. Hyman, the company’s co-founder and Vice President of Marketing, notes that ‘just one pound of recycled milk jugs saves enough energy to power 3000 AAA batteries.

The California-based firm, is an eco-friendly company at its core; evidenced by the careful manufacturing, packaging, assembly and distribution of its products; and the intentional selection of a local supply chain. Von Goebon, President and Chief Creative Officer of Green Toys, is a pioneer in the use of recycled material in consumer goods. With an extensive business career spanning over 30 years; he initially worked in digital imaging and later went on to become venture capitalist expert in Silicon Valley.

Utilising his experience in design technology von Goebon is responsible for the use of 100% recyclable goods in every step of the supply chain. For instance, all of their products are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard – occasionally packaging components from 100% recycled plastic water bottles are integrated, to ensure added security for green products. In fact, the company has won the prestigious Greener Packaging Award; an independent US award for sustainable packaging.

Safety First

Beyond sustainability – safety is number one for Green Toys Inc. Their toys surpass all international and national standards for BPA, phthalates; they also adhere to ASTM F963, The CPSIA and the International ISO 8124 and EN71 safety standards for toys. The company offers a range of toys manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, such as: propeller aeroplanes; building blocks; cookware and dining sets; submarines; twist teethers (for toddlers) and tool sets.

Process and Design

The toys have been designed with intent; the company starts with a simple concept – a traditional play pattern or an iconic toy that has stood the test of time. Market research is conducted by sharing the idea with parents; any ideas which pass market testing go on to receive the “Green Toy” treatment. A 2D drawing and 3D CAD are sketched then developed, a 3D model is then created and married with the process of using sustainable materials. Green Toys think carefully about their designs, to eliminate the prospect of using screws, glue, metal or paint.

The company exists in the hopes that their toys will ‘inspire open play, imagination, creativity and encourage child development.’


To contribute towards the businesses by purchasing their products, or to simply find out more about Green Toys Inc., head over to their website here. What are your thoughts on sustainable toys? Do you know any other eco-friendly toy manufacturers doing great things for humanity? Let us know in the comments below.